The Founders

Brody Huval

Brody was previously a member of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence lab where he worked on deep learning. His work has resulted in five publications in the field, including a paper on perception for autonomous cars and one of the first to show neural networks scaled with GPUs.

Joel Pazhayampallil

Joel has worked on the self-driving teams for major automakers Nissan and General Motors where he advanced projects from closed course testing to public road demonstrations. He is an inventor of three technical patents in the autonomous driving space.

Carol Reiley


Carol has over 15 years of robotics experience in highly regulated industries and has worked at Intuitive Surgical, Lockheed Martin, and various startups. She holds six technical patents, is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and 2016 Silicon Valley’s Women of Influence.

Fred Rosenzweig


Fred has worked in a variety of industries during his career in Silicon Valley and has served in roles such as General Manager at Tandem Computers and President of EFI. He has also helped CEOs at several startups including Coursera and Pure Sense.

William Song

Will was previously a member of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he worked on deep learning and perception for self-drivings cars. He has held internships at many places, including Google’s Self-Driving Car Team.

Sameep Tandon


Sameep was previously a PhD candidate at Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he led research in Deep Learning for Self Driving Vehicles. He is a recipient of the Stanford School of Engineering Fellowship and the Mark D. Weiser Excellence in Computing Scholarship.

Tao Wang

Tao has over 7 years of experience in machine learning research. He has published multiple academic papers on deep learning and is the main contributor to the widely used SVHN dataset. He is a recipient of both the Siebel Scholarship and The Christofer Stephenson Memorial Award.

Meet The Team